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Western National Victory Conference

Western Canadian Victory Conference

Jun 20, 2020
10:00 am -  3:00 pm

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Breakout 2020 - A Victory Churches Canada Online Conference

You are invited to attend our “Breakout 2020” online conference on Saturday June 20, 2020 starting at 10:00 am MDT. This conference features a lineup of great speakers who are seasoned leaders in our Victory movement and have a deep desire to see you encouraged, revitalized and equipped for the road ahead. This is a conference for the entire movement and we know that you will be blessed by it, so set the time aside and we’ll see you online.

Yours for an Empowered Church,
The VCC Executive

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10:00 am - Welcome, Opening Prayer & Announcements
10:10 am - Praise & Worship
10:25 am - Greeting from national pastors
10:30 am - Session #1 – Dr. George Hill - “Breakout 2020”
11:05 am - Session #2 – Pastor Morris Watson - “Turning Your Online Audience Into An In-house Congregation”
11:40 am - Session #3 – Pastor Paul Juss - “Pandemic Prosperity In Your Finances”

12:10 pm - Lunch Break

1:30 pm - Afternoon Intro / Praise & Worship
1:45 pm - Session #4 – Pastor Dave Meyers - “Leading Yourself In Lockdown”
2:20 pm - Session #5 – Pastor Terry Murphy - “End-times Now”
2:55 pm - Session #6 – Pastor Paul McCulloch - “The New View, A Prophetic Outlook”

3:25 pm - Closing Remarks & Announcements

In conjunction with our online conference we are offering a series of Zoom workshops on various subjects that will hosted by some of our Canadian pastor in the weeks following the conference. The dates, times and subject matter will be made available to you as we progress toward the conference so that you can schedule your time accordingly.

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