2022 Global Christmas Feeding Program Recap

The Global Christmas Feeding Program is an annual event that was designed to reach the most vulnerable members of society in nations all around the world. One day in which we join together to share the Love of God with those in need. To provide street children, orphans, widows and many others with a hearty meal, a warm hug, some much needed relief and above all the opportunity to hear a salvation message and to receive Christ as Lord and Savior.

This year, Victory Churches from all across Canada raised over $20,000 that was distributed to 17 nations worldwide. Outreach programs were set up and able to give thousands of meals to hungry people, and household gifts to single moms, widows and elderly that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Here are a few examples of how people were reached through this years program:


In Myanmar they held 3 separate events and were able to feed over 3,000 people. The Victory team found that this was truly an open door for them to share the Gospel and saw over 1,000 people receive Jesus as their Savior.



In Kenya they had 6 sperate feeding events. There was lots of door-to-door ministry to needy families where they not only received food for their household but prayer and blessings from the team. They also ministered to a group of young boys rescued from the streets and  26 women with HIV/AIDS showing them that God loves you and will meet your needs no matter what situation you are in. Some of them received the Lord and are looking to God for their hope and provision.



Why Not Youth Centres in Brantford, ON held a Christmas gala at their youth outreach centre with a full turkey dinner, fun activities and gifts. In addition to this they have a housing program with two houses for struggling teens. Both houses received a full Christmas dinner and gifts. They were also able to re-stock the youth centre kitchen supplies that they need for their nightly meals where they feed up to 20+ youth.


Thank you to all of those who gave in support of this program. We can’t do this alone and sometimes we may not realize the difference the portion we contribute makes, but together we can change the world, one meal at a time.



Pastor Morris Watson
Director, Victory Missions Canada